Way Beyond Generic

Your business is unique, and it deserves to be treated that way. Your team will put together the right services for your industry.

Pick an Industry.... We Love Them All!

Today CFO wants to give you and your business a pleasant and helpful solution to your financials. We understand you can find generic services from many providers, and they all seem the same.  But should they be?

Restaurants have different problems from tech startups. Doctor offices need different financials from manufacturing companies. And a law office is totally different than a Non-Profit!

Your team has been specially assembled for their experience and expertise to match your company, industry, and goals.

Professional Services

Gain insights into the profitability of individual services and offerings. It doesn't matter if you're a single freelance consultant or you're managing an entire firm, your financials scale as you do. Track operating costs (labor, travel and marketing expenses) to specific jobs. Determine marketing overhead costs and cost to acquire a new client and more.


Let your team of experts handle the complex back-office financials. You'll have complete confidence that your books are clean and audit-ready 24/7. You won't have to worry about the administrative hassles of bank reconciliations, reporting, credit card and expense management, donor tracking, earmarked funds or missed deadlines anymore.

Dental Practices

Gain complete transparency on your practice's financial and operational health. Your team is aware of all the key metrics that makes your practice highly profitable. You'll know the number of active patients and active preventive care patients.  Determine your hygienist efficiency and ratio and track it accurately over time. You'll also gain visibility into bills, labor costs, and supply expenses that will save you money!


Track and control the operational cost of your business from equipment to leases and asset repayment plans. Keep an eye on your upcoming bills each month and gain complete visibility into the health of your manufacturing company. Your team will give you better insights into the monthly operational costs and overhead. You'll also be able to better manage inventory, calculate your work-in-progress and finished goods.

Software, SaaS and MSPs

Manage and track all the critical aspects of your tech company such as cash flow, new product development, current product improvement, cost to acquire a new client and much more. You deserve an advisor that understands how your company relies on lifetime value of a customer, payback period, churn rate, burn rate, MRR & ARR. Your team will help you with invoicing, payroll, taxes and more while you focus on the growth metrics.


Restaurants can be very challenging, and also delicious! But you do need someone who understands your specific accounting challenges. Your Today CFO team will help you track food & liquor costs, overhead, break even and even the revenue per table required to stay profitable. Gain insights into yourInventory, spoilage, reorder points and even POS integration with cloud-based accounting solutions paired up with the right processes.

Real Estate

Create more time in your day for important client meetings, showings and revenue-generating activities. Your team can take care of the administrative burden so you can maximize your deductions, track mileage, commission income, and real estate fees & dues. Because you'll be paired up with a team that understands your company, you won't have to train them for all the industry's complex entries such as 1031 exchanges or installment sales.

Law Practices

When it comes to a legal practice, time is literally money. Your team understands where you need to be focused, so you can take excellent care of critical client needs. Your team will assemble accurate financials for your company so you can make smart, informed decisions. Never miss another billable client expense or filing fee. Your new system will allow you to have visibility into your cash flow, profitability and trust account balances.


We love allowing creatives to focus on what they love the most... creating! Producers, independent artists, or talent managers can all benefit from the confidence in knowing their financials are in the hands of experts. Your team will help you maximize your deductions, prepare for tax season and get you the advice you need to thrive. At the end of the month, we'll even send you a video status report on how you're doing without all the complicated accounting jargon!

General Contractors

Your team is well-versed in construction accounting for residential and commercial contractors, developers, designers and even architects. Construction can get overwhelming with the mounting complexities of prevailing wages, accounts payable, accounts receivable, 1099 subcontractors, bonding compliance and more. Eliminate your administrative headaches by having a team already trained in processes and procedures to keep you going.


Education companies are doing critical work, so your team is specially trained to provide you with the perfect solution for your institution. Montessori schools, private schools, post-graduate programs, trade facilities and even certification and testing centers can all prepare their annual budgets and reports more easily. Your team will ensure you have all the data you need to maintain compliance with your local district or accreditation agency.


Just because you're running a financial company doesn't mean you want to spend your time ticking and tying the bank statements or coming up with perfect chart of accounts. Your Today CFO team can provide you with visibility and simple processes and systems that work without diverting hours upon hours from your business growth. More importantly, you'll have the data you need to grow your company while also providing excellent care to your clients.

Farming & Agriculture

Agriculture is a way of life, and your team wants to make sure your accounting system supports it. That's why farmers and growers of all kinds, wether it's traditional land or aquaponics can get back to watching their crops and not their books. Your team will set you up with the right mix of products, services and processes to ensure that when it comes to critical business decisions, you have everything you need to grow your crops, and your company.


Environment protection companies are often performing work for projects, companies, and governments that are under heavy scrutiny. Falling behind on the bookkeeping simply isn't an option. When proving out your company's worth, ROI, return on assets, headcount, and budget, you want to have the most accurate information to work with. With your team, you'll save time and money on rework, be prepared for taxes and track key performance indicators monthly.

Plumbing & HVAC

Most bookkeepers will lump construction and trades into the same bucket. But they are very different companies. Our trades have unique needs and we build them accounting solutions to match. We want you to sleep better at night knowing your expenses are properly categorized so you're taking advantage of every deduction. Your deadlines are being watched so you can avoid penalties. And your company is safe because you're being proactive instead of reactive.

Trucking & Shipping

Independent truckers or major shipping companies, the goal is the same. Be prepared with solid financial records and receipts that help you avoid tax penalties, maintain your profit margins, and keep your revenues up. Record keeping is critical when it comes to licensing such as IFTA and reporting your quarterly International Fuel Tax Agreement. Tracking dates, locations and reasons for expenses can be overwhelming. That's why your team is specially trained with solutions that are perfect for your industry and dead simple for you.

Healthcare & Medical Practice

Healthcare is challenging work, and the world needs people like you to keep it healthy. So your team is ready to provide your company with the same level of care. Healthy financials let you make the right decisions when it comes to keeping your company alive. Providing the best care to your patients should be the most important and pressing part of your day.


What seems like a simple task can end up being quite the undertaking. Tracking collections, creating deposits, making appropriate entries and recording various projects, expenses and charitable contributions can be overwhelming. While the concept seems simple at first, the amount of hours involved can make the task quickly overwhelming. Your Today CFO solution will help you spend much less time behind a computer screen and more time helping the community.

Retail & E-Commerce

Retail businesses can be fun, exciting and wonderfully creative. Providing products and services to consumers through brick and morter or e-commerce can be very rewarding. It's a fast-paced and multi-faceted business requiring ordering, staffing, marketing, networking, sales training and more! The last hat you want to wear is the bookkeeping one, but you also want to hand it over to someone you can trust, that gets what you do. We understand e-commerce and storefronts and your team is standing by to help you conquer both.